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Handsome Beer Company

Handsome Beer Company has had several DC area events and Baltimore events with more to come.  There have been reviews and interviews done by Fritz Hahn and DC Beer as well as I am sure others.  I don't want to recreate or even attempt to copy what that high of caliber of beer writers have done, but thought I would jump in.  I will say surprisingly enough my favorite is what they did with their Medium & Message.  I am usually a malty mama, but the Medium & Message was really intriguing. There was some interesting fruit notes and some bite in the form of pepper that came through.

If you haven't checked them out - do.  They have an event coming up on Friday.  These are two amazing fellas who are really passionate about what they do.  They are perfectly executing some great styles of beer.  I really imagine considering the quality and they're energy, we will be seeing them on the scene for a while.  Which in the long run is great.

I don't think we have hit capacity yet in the DC area in regards to beer.  This...excites me and it should you.  There's plenty of opportunity in the congenial bunch (who sometimes pretend to be curmudgeons) for healthy competition.  I think that will continue to make it a fun and engaging scene for guest/consumer to brewer.

So to that I say, enjoy Handsome Beer and encourage more innvators to bring their A- game.