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Shumi Winery

On my last day in Georgia for the International Wine Tourism Conference, we visited several amazing places including Wine Company SHUMI (Shumi Winery).  The winery is located in the Kakheti region with vineyards in Khvanchara and Martvili in West Georgia and Tsinandali, Akmeta Gurjaani, Akhasheni, Kindmarauli, Naareuli, Kvareli, Mukuzani and Ikalto in East Georgia.

Like most we visited, the people were incredibly hospitable and graciously shared wine, food and history lessons about Georgia.  This is truly an exciting region to visit and I can only imagine what wine tourism will be like in the next five years.

I recently opened the 2012 Shumi Tsinandali..  The wine is made mostly from Rkatsiteli (85%) with Mtsvane (15%) featured as well.  The wine is fermented in oak barrels.  The wine is light straw in color with a delicate palate that includes floral elements.  It's a lovely and more delicate wine is a great example of the what Georgia has to offer.

I am excited to open one of my orange or amber wines aged in qvervi next.