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Dinner at Azarpesha

After a great stay in Istanbul, I had to get myself to Tbilisi for the International Wine Tourism Conference.  I and some other delegates were picked up at the airport and we were off to the hotel.  We had a few minutes to check-in, change and head off to dinner.

We joined the rest of the group at Azarpesha.  As you walk in the restaurant, you instantly feel at home.  There's a warmth and familiarity that fills the place.  I joined a table and began to eat.  Did I say I was hungry? I hadn't eaten since before lunch and was hitting the hangry point..

The table was full of food.  Every plate that was removed would be then replaced with a new plate full of food.  Each dish was delicious and beautifully presented.

Throughout the night, we chatted, the owner and his friends sang and we just embraced the best of what Georgia is - the people. 

Our host, famous ethnographer and singer Luarsab Togonidze, graced our group with numerous songs and stories.

It's Wine Time

ეს ღვინო დრო! (It’s wine time!)

I am excited to write that I will be attending the International Wine and Tourism Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia!


Besides the conference, I will be joining some other cool wine people touring various wineries in Georgia.  My goal of the trip is again to consume all the wine in Georgia.  Secondary goal, learn more about orange wines.

Before Georgia, I’ll be in Instanbul!  I have already gotten some great recommendations from Twitter friends and other people.  Of course one of the recommendations included a wine bar.  Don’t judge.

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