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Bottlenotes, Rum, More Rum, Fun and Rooftop!



Last week I joined my fellow #tasteagents and other guests at the Bottlenotes Taste Around Town launch party at Veritas. It was a great time with new friends like Vine Me Up and old friends who always get me into trouble (or I get them into trouble…whatever). We sampled wines from Chateau Montelena, Francis Ford Coppola Winery, and the Rhône Valley region of France. I apparently got in trouble as I thought there would be a white Rhône available as I was really feeling a Marsanne. The staff at Veritas always maintain that great balance of high quality, but friendly nature. I spoke with Jamie (GM/Sommelier) and he let me taste this amazing Washington State Marsanne. I need to go back to finish that bottle. After I drank that and was asked by the Bottlenotes staff “why are you here if you don’t like the wines” I began my tasting journey. (Side note - yes that is how she welcomed me to the event).

The wines were average. I was hoping considering the many affordable and well done Rhône Valley wines that are available there would be more options. Alas, there was only one, which I think was the best out of both Chateau Montelena and Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Chateau Montelena wines were their more mid level wines such as a classic California chardonnay with more oak integration and balance.

Rum, More Rum

Friday I decided to paint the town red with a couple friends including the Amazing @BEXwithanX. We started off at Hogo for our own tiki party. We each had an amazing rum based cocktail and then moved onto the rum punch. THERE WAS A FIRE ELEMENT. We spoke with the manager there who then offered us shots of barrel aged Atlantico rum. We sipped on it and loved the the vanilla notes and spice added by the barrel aging. The fun continued at Busboys and Poets (always go for the nachos there especially while tipsy/drunk), Irish Channel (where I may have told off guests who were rude to staff) and finally Del Campo. Del Campo has a wonderfully put together drink menu that was designed by the amazing JP Caceres. I loved both pisco drinks. I ran into Taha (all around rockstar) and Chef Isabella. In my infinite wisdom at the time Idecided to buy us all a round of Willet potstill (which really is quite tasty). Chef Isabella turned his down so I did it and then I said things in Miami Spanglish that made me realize that I should probably go home.

Rooftop Pool

Twilight Tuesday hosted by Timur and John Michael held a special Tuesday edition at Penthouse Pool Club for Pride. Normally, Penthouse Pool has a wait list and is more than I can afford unless I sold some valuable organs. But as part of Twilight Tuesday all were welcomed to come and lounge by the pool. We decided to be super fancy and rent a cabana. The only requirement to rent a cabana was spend $100 minimum on food or beverage (with approximately 6-8 people fitting in a cabana). Umm…done and DONE. We popped open a few bottles of sparkling including Gruet Rose.

At some point a few of us were in the pool and decided to play chicken.

Tonight I am super excited for my glorious return to Gin Joint!  Not only will there be amazing gin, food, service BUT Caledonia Spirits will be there offering samples and discussing their spirits.