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The fun goes on and on

I enjoyed attending some of the events surrounding the Craft Brewer’s Conference last week. It was great to learn more and discuss beer with such passionate and knowledgeable people.

Since my yoga studio on H street decided to lock me out on Saturday, I ended up at brunch at Granville Moore’s. The staff were awesome as always. Shon was an amazing bad idea bear that did a shot with me before noon.

I ended up visiting Three Stars Brewery after brunch fun. My favorite beer wench was pouring samples. They were pouring some of the usual brews as well as beers just released for the Craft Brewer’s Conference. My memory is fuzzy (for many reasons), but I believe one of the beers I tasted was the Pandemic Porter barrel aged. It was my favorite as I love the elements that barrel (especially bourbon) offer to a beer. The staff (some paid in beer) are super passionate, down to Earth and just really cool. I missed the tour, but one of friends told me they answered every one of her questions and she had MANY.

These trouble makers are great people to hang with on a Saturday.

I eventually made my way home and made nachos. Then headed back out for Aziz Ansari at DAR.

After the weekend, you would think I would take a break from all the fun. FALSE. On Monday, I met some friends at Nellie’s to watch Golden Girls. Every time a new episode came on we sang the theme song. I had a wonderful bartender, but they have issues with their taps. I ordered a Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager to begin my fun and the taste was off. It was watery as if not properly carbonated.

Girl Meets Glass and I separated from the group to go to American Ice Company. We immediately ordered the swachos. She decided that being Monday we should do pickleback shots. The pickleback shot at American Ice Company is actually fairly tasty. I have had others where the pickle juice is too briny. I ordered a brisket sandwich. We tore into the food due to hunger, booze and it was simply delicious.

I am excited for the rest of my week. Girl Meets Glass and I are tasting our 1970s Bodeaux scored from Schneider’s selling off someone’s cellar on Wednesday. On Thursday I am meeting some friends and attending a cooking class at Casa Italiana. Friday will be my triumphant return to Gin Joint.