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Diner en Blanc

I attended my second Diner en Blanc this year where I rocked a white jumpsuit  from Rent the Runway again.  You have probably seen numerous articles from other bloggers or writers on the price, their recap and more.  But you haven't read about my great time.

Every year I forget about transportation to the event.  Every year I get angry and hot and wonder why I am doing this to myself.  Usually upon arrival there is still some stress over setting up the table and getting organized along with picking up my wine.  Once everything is set up is when I really get to take in what I am seeing.

The Diner en Blanc crowd is incredibly diverse and fun.  Everyone is welcoming, sharing food and dancing together.  I always make new friends every year and re-meet people I have met in previous years. 

After enjoying our dinner of cheese, meat, olives and salad, my date and I drank and danced the night away.  

I always question whether to go and who I will take.  Yet somehow I end up finding a fabulous friend to join me and I have a great time.  Chances are likely I'll end up dancing the night away again next year.  Maybe next year I can take my mom as she has always wanted to go.