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I thought I told you that I won't stop

Let’s recap more of my fun adventures in food, wine and merriment. 

Last week I had a DC type day. I met friends for a Ladies DC networking happy hour at Sushiko Chevy Chase. It was a great time with delicious sushi and cocktails. Bianca who blogs at DC Daybook and is the Director of Social Media for Ladies DC took many pictures.  She left early as did French Twist and I of course joined them. We headed to the Embassy of Italy for a Wigs of Hollywood retrospective. 


Why hello there Jane Fonda’s costume from Barbarella. 

We enjoyed wine, mingled with guests and enjoyed the exhibit. By the way, this was all free. FREE. We ran into another friend and moved on to another event.

We ended the night at Mari Vanna for the Blogger Scene Happy Hour. It was a great time networking with many other female bloggers in the DC area. I of course convinced our group to do a round of horseradish infused vodka shots, which are amazing. There was heat from the spice especially on the finish, but the alcohol was very smooth. 


Our very attractive bartender was originally from Romania and kept Romanian money in his wallet. One of my friends and I ended up closing down the third floor and securing the special keys. 

I volunteered at every Heart’s Delight event (April 23rd, May 1st and May 4th). The May 1st event was on the rooftop at Charlie Palmer and was again amazing. There were great views of the Capitol, amazing food and staff. Heart’s Delight staff were able to secure Harlan Estate at a table with Pluribus being poured.


At the Saturday Heart’s Delight event, I volunteered in the Bordeaux Seminar. They did at least four flights of amazing wine with the cheateau owners and directors themselves speaking about what everyone was tasting and going into the history of each chateau.

Mostly everyone who attended were lovely people. I was surprised that some were not as passionate about wine as I would have expected. Occasionally certain guests would behave in an unbecoming way…but that’s life. There are people who have manners and know how to speak to fellow human beings and there are people who don’t. It’s not about money or education, it’s about being able to communicate. 

One person who was not a guest was quite snarky himself every time I had to deal with him. At one point I informed him that a guest had asked a volunteer if we would be starting promptly at 4:00pm. His response was “definitely maybe”. I responded “thank you” with a smile and began to walk away. He immediately snapped, “did you hear me?!”. I answered yes. He then asked, “what did I say?”. I replied “definitely maybe”. 

I would never be able to handle that level of snark and disdain from a supervisor on a regular basis. 


A picture of the Bordeaux Seminar before it began.


Heart’s Delight main event was well attended, decorated with great auction pieces, wine, food and more. I ran into the fabulous JP Caceres as he was making the cocktail magic happen.

I jumped in a cab and ran to a friend’s bachelorette party that night. We started off with an amazing meal at Pearl Oyster Dive Palace. They are seriously on point. The food was amazing and the cocktails were perfect. Our server indulged us by putting on a feather boa. He kept on the boa the whole time we were there. I mean…that’s serious dedication to our absurdity and I love it. One of our diners had food intolerances and the staff made sure every one of her needs was met. 

Our group shared a plate of raw oysters and I ordered a plate of hot oysters - Tchoupitoula (Oyster Confit, Blue Crab, Tasso, Roasted Corn). If you go, order tchoupitoula as it will blow your mind. 

My friend and I shared pork cheeks, mussels and french fries. A tiny friend ordered a giant steak. Really you can’t go wrong with anything there.

I was forced to go to Vegas Lounge where we became quickly surrounded by 22 year old students from Georgetown. The band was pretty solid and played a good amount of Motown. We left there to go to one of my favorite spots - Cod Mother. It’s divey, fun with a crazy owner who I love. We did a round of some sort of bomb shot and the bride to be was done.


We also convinced several guys at Cod Mother to wear the boa. It was a badge of honor.

Wines of Portugal is touring the United States with multiple trade and consumer tastings. I hit up the consumer tasting, which shockingly was kinda insane. I wish there was a way to educate consumers more and allow them to enjoy the wine without it turning into madness. There were many great wines and there was an opportunity to learn more about the 250+ varietals in Portugal, but I am not sure how many people left with that information. 


This guy is a saint. He was pouring several amazing vintages of his port and tried to really explain the process to guests. They had him placed near a very loud singer. 

I was lucky enough to attend two recent trade tastings Alto Adige Wines Grand Tasting Tour and Symington Family Estates.

Alto Adige is increasing in popularity, but will still need time. Just as when I spoke with a gentleman regarding port from Symington Family Estates, it may be easier to introduce people who are dining out. That requires a well educated staff and a great floor sommelier. I think my favorites from the Alto Adige were the Müller Thurgau. I really enjoyed  Müller Thurgau Valle Isarco 2012 which was dry, full with great aromatics.

Symington Family Estates seminar and tasting blew my mind. The seminar was incredibly informative, but the speakers did not drone on or overwhelm the attendees.


The 2011 Vintage was quite tasty NOW and can be aged for many, many, many years. My favorite that I would love to have now and think will age well is the Warre’s 2011 Vintage Port. It was very floral, smooth and luscious. Texture in food and wine is very important to me.

That evening Girl Meets Glass, Organic Mixologist and I also attended a Wines of Morellino di Scansano DOCG tasting and seminar led by Jay Youmans,MW at Capital Wine School. This was a free event that was open to the public. We learned a great deal more about the wine and discussed the tasting notes.


We took our party to Range and ate our faces off. The everything mashed potatoes are really quite yummy. 

Afterwards because I was hanging with a bad idea bear we continued to Industry Night at Graffiato. It was quite fun, but I was a little disappointed at not seeing as many people that work in the industry as I would have thought. 

Food, cocktails, staff everything was just spectacular. If you can take a bunch of people slamming your place for free food and cheap drinks while you serve up amazing quality, you rock.


Look at that bad idea bear. 


Can you believe Chef Isabella wasn’t drinking that night?! Of all nights not to drink…I should have made him do a shot.


I wonder if Chef Tiffany was also hung over yesterday. I may have forced multiple shots of Jameison upon her. Listen…this woman keeps me filled with donuty goodness. Seriously, visit Church Key or Birch & Barley and try one of her amazing desserts she created or hell that bread board with the amazing pretzels. Go to Buzz Bakery and buy some amazing pastries or desserts. Go to GBD and eat your face off and try a beer pairing with your fried chicken or donuts. Tell me you wouldn’t want to get her drunk and possibly watch her drunk bake you some goodness because that’s my eventual goal.