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#Winechat is a great opportunity for novice to experienced wine lovers to join in a discussion.  Participants include winemakers, importers, bloggers, retailers and more.  It takes place the last Wednesday of every month on Twitter from 9:00pm to 10:00pm (ET) using the hashtag #winechat. 

Every  month a new topic is discussed.  Topics vary from wine closures to wine regions and more.  The chat allows an honest and active conversation to happen between and among guest/consumers, winemakers, importers, and distributors.

To participate, simply join the conversation at 9:00pm (ET) the last Wednesday of every month on Twitter using the hashtag #winechat.  There will also be updates on Just the Bottle about topics as well as on the #winechat Facebook page.

To suggest topics, offer samples, offer to host, or for further information please contact Christina Portz directly at christinaportz[@}gmail.com.