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Wine and Dating

Wine is a great way to make friends and to get to know someone.  You can learn a lot by people's behavior when it comes to wine. Here are some common missteps that I have encountered while dating.

Red or white?

When a man asks me simply red or white and expects an answer I know we will not last much pass 1-2 dates TOPS. Not only is that an insane question even for someone who is not partial to wine as much, but life is not binary. People who need clear answers to figure out others are a problem. Almost as much as a problem as when I get asked my ethnicity/background within 1-2 questions of speaking to someone.  The worst may be the beach or mountain question. One man told me it was a psychological question that was an indicator to a personality type.

Instead, it would be much better to simply ask an open ended question such as, "what do you like in your wine?"

Should I order for you?

How about no. Again, if I wanted help I could ask, but probably would rather ask the very knowledgeable staff. 

Instead, why not saying along the lines of "I love the pinot here. Would you like to taste it?"

I don't drink wine

I'm going to have to stop you right there, Bob. I have dated someone who not only didn't care about wine, but didn't drink. This is something important to me and afforded me really interesting travel opportunities and new friends. Chances are if someone doesn't drink, he's not going to be interested in sharing my passion and encouraging me to grow. 

What have others encountered with dating in regards to wine especially missteps?