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Waiting for the Perfect Wine

Wines in Spain express such different stories and experiences. There's a lot there to take in if one is willing to put forth the effort to discover it. 

Toro has been a known wine making region in Spain about 40 miles west of Portugal for since early medieval times. The DO was officially recognized only in 1987 with less than 7 wineries in existence. The wines are known as big and expressive with hedonistic qualities. However, after sampling Matsu, I have seen how they can be shaped cautiously and strategically to exude more finesse. 

Matsu, which means "wait" in Japanese, pays homage to the viticulturists of generations past. This dedication to those of past and present is also on display on the Matsu labels. The line features real-life photos of viticulturists. 

The Matsu portfolio includes budget friendly wine as low as $13.99 with a surprising amount of character to the highest end being quite reasonable at $46.99 showcasing a rich intensity. These wines would be perfect as we are at the height of BBQ or cook out season. However, the El Recio 2015 was the real winner for me for value and taste. 


Matsu El Recio 2015

This wine is 100% Tinta de Toro. The wine is sourced from a selection of 90 to 100 year vineyards in pool soil and cultivated biodynamically. Fermentation and maceration during 3 weeks utilizing natural yeasts. The wine is aged for 14 months in second use French oak barrels. What follows this labor of love is an award winning wine of intense ruby color, layers of chocolate and black fruit, with a silk smooth palate that leads to lingering finish with mineral notes.

Disclaimer: I received these wines as part of a sample from vintae.