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Life's Next Adventure

I don't think this really falls under fun per say, but definitely under other adventures.  I have had many great things happen to me within the last year or so.  I have had some great professional opportunities including a new gig in higher education.  Besides continuing in nonprofits, I have moved into higher education which affords me the opportunity to pursue graduate courses and hopefully pursue an MBA without taking out loans.

Last year I participated in an amazing trip to Spain that included touring Penedes and participating in a Cava Blogger Fam Trip.  This year I was lucky enough to join the media group for the International Wine Tourism Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia.  I'm hoping to join the conference in Champagne in 2015.  I would also like to participate in 2015 in the Digital Wine Communications Conference and Wine Bloggers Conference.

Recently, I took over as director of #winechat.  I am making new contacts and further building my brand.  This has included opportunities for me to write, tweet, and promote events in the Washington, DC area.  I was even able to participate as a judge for a cocktail competition.

All good, right?  In a way yes.  I was feeling like I had closed the chapters of my life where I was unfulfilled personally and professionally.  There were mistakes and sidesteps, but generally the direction was right.

That came crashing down when Man Friend ended our relationship.  A relationship that I counted on as being my last relationship.  I soon had to turn to others to regroup.  The first thing that had to be decided was where to live.  Continuing to live with someone who had shut down on me was not an option.  Luckily I have loving and loyal family and friends that immediately stepped up.  Everyone offered support from helping me move to just checking to make sure that I was doing well.

At the moment, shock and denial are still in control of my being.  The shock is causing me to question all that I am and question my worth.  I question if I am a failure.  Have I failed my family?

My goal is to turn this into my next adventure.  Maybe it's a move to Europe or Latin America.  Perhaps I'll get in better shape by training for a marathon.  I'm not completely sure, but I know that I can't wallow and be overwhelmed too long.  I know that I need to develop a plan, in which I achieve goals in a manageable way.

I welcome suggestions on what I should do next.  Feel free to leave a comment below.