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Cochon 555 Returns to DC!

As you may already be aware, there are an insane amount of events constantly happening in the DC area...with more usually happening in the spring and summer.  One event that I never miss is Cochon 555.  My mom even flies up to attend with me.

This piggy fest contains magnificently crafted cocktails with a rum cart this time around along with some of the most innovative takes on tail-to-nose dishes.  There's always more than enough piggy to go around (seriously...last time I was informed there was 2 pounds per guest).  Even when one needs a break from piggy (say what), there are oysters, cheese and more to sample to cleanse your palate.  Because one must return to the piggy!

One of the most exciting things this year will be Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley's appearance in this combination to determine the Queen or King of Porc!  She's a fabulous addition hot off her Top Chef kicking ass and taking names fame.  She's made so many impressive dishes in the past and never disappoints.  I can't wait to see what she chooses to put together.

Another reason to go, Cochon 555 will be donating a portion of their ticket sales to Piggy Bank. Piggy Bank seeks to build a future for family farming with the goal of changing the future of food and promoting long-term farming sustainability.

 The DC stop goes down on Sunday, April 17th at Loews Madison with VIP at 4pm and General Admission at 5pm.    Be there or be without delicious piggy.