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Donut Fest Happened

Donut Fest at Penn Social put on by Brightest Young Things happened. There were donuts, donuts and beer. Brightest Young Things has a great write up on the event and tons of photos!

What’s that? Why hello photobooth. Why don’t I rub powdered sugar all over my face?
It was a great event where I was able to sample various donuts. A few vendors either had insane lines or ran out super early. One of my favorite donuts was a buttermilk crusted donut.
After, I joined some crazy cool kids at Daikaya. I added pork belly to my ramen and was instantly in heaven. We ordered several plates of gyoza. It’s a not to be missed or overlooked item. Perfectly cooked and served immediately. I understand the need to at times have food rest, but especially on a cold day I want my food hot.
I have never had real ramen and was amazed at the flavors, texture and just straight up deliciousness.
Unfortunately, I was full and couldn’t finish all that goodness. I need to go back soon.
I continued the fun back to Penn Social and then walked over to Kelly’s Irish Times. Kelly’s Irish Times is always an interesting place with unusual characters. My friend was holding her going away party in the basement.
My man friend met me there after I encouraged a group of us to have an Irish car bomb. At least, I didn’t suggest jaeger.

After Kelly’s Irish Times, we headed to a friend’s birthday party. She had an amazing amount of beer, snacks and cookie cakes. Seriously, at least two cookie cakes.

My man friend wanted to go home as he was tired from apparently hanging around our apartment all day. I got home that night by 11:20pm and almost ate someone’s left over Chinese food. Next time I find food in the fridge, it’s mine.