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Romancing myself

Sometimes you have to just go out and show yourself a good time. Last night was that night for me. I attended Romance the Evening at Tudor Place Historic House and Garden.

Have you been to Tudor Place yet? I have lived in DC since 2004 and always wanted to stop in. I love history and just being somewhere that has existed longer than me and will continue to exist long after I depart. The architecture was spectacular with details showing it’s age in spots or attempts of residents in the 1960s to add their own flair. 

Staff and volunteer at Tudor are welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful. I was greeted immediately. They stored my lunch bag containing two bottles of wine I just happened to buy at Bell Wine & Spirits beforehand. Shhh…don’t tell my man friend about the wine purchase as I am supposed to be on a budget.


I met the Communications Officer who I had previously tweeted. She was pouring wine in the Conservatory. It was an interesting area that apparently the family would use to store their plants and fruit in the colder months. There was an amazing window with an equally wonderful view. The delectable desserts and cheese were also kept in this area. For the mere price of $13, guests of the event were offered unlimited wine, snacks and could wander open rooms and speak with docents to learn more. It’s hard to even find a glass of wine for $13 at times.


The wine included a Cava, Prosecco, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and  Sparkling Peach Wine. I had the Sauvignon Blanc, which exuded classic New Zealand flavors of grapefruit. I tried the Chardonnay and it was a definite butter bomb. The Cava was a wonderful palate cleanser. At one point, a Domaine de Carneros 2008 by Taittinger appeared and I attacked it. It’s a very affordable sparkling done in méthode champenoise. It was fresh, somewhat floral with vanilla notes. Definitely my fave and I had to stop myself from drinking it all. 


Brie, chocolate heart cookies, chocolate covered strawberries? Don’t mind if I do.


As you can see near the cookies…delicious, delicious cookies, there were lovely Valentine’s cards placed throughout the house. I could only photograph the cards in the Conservatory and in the East Corridor as no photography was allowed in the rest of the house. You can view photos in that area of the event, including the early to mid 19th century Valentine’s Day cards on Tudor Place’s Facebook page

All the Valentine’s featured in the house were given by family members to each other. Interestingly enough, there was no writing featured on the inside of them. Perhaps signing cards is a more recent phenomenon? 

I really loved the older cards as they were so intricate. A few reminded me of a pop-up book. 

In the Drawing Room or perhaps the Salon, they had a violinist playing. She was wonderful and set the mood nicely.

Mostly couples (due to the nature of the evening’s event), wandered the the house and the gardens of the property. Docents (most were volunteers) were in each area to answer questions and tell stories.

I loved learning about the home, the family and more. I really wanted to get to know Britannia more as she seemed like a very intriguing woman. 


I decided to walk some of the gardens during twilight as I thought it would be the best time. At that moment I realized I need to come back for their summer program evening program. I also understand why it’s been so popular. Look at that photo. If I had been smart enough to take a glass of wine outside with me, I probably would have sat out there and watched the sunset.

I would love to figure out how to hold an event there with Young Winos of DC. I think I’ll be checking their calendar of events for a garden tour too.

Oh and yes, I had a lovely night with myself. I think I might even get a second date.